Rediscover Your Potential

What are the possibilities?
A Multi-Dimensional Approach
We are all so much more than our job title, family role or habits would suggest. We are multi-dimensional beings and deserve to discover and embrace all parts of ourselves, no matter how disparate those parts may be. This is my journey and my work – I invite you to discover more.

I am a certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, and I also mentor coaches via my Smart Healthy Women Academy.

I publish and curate content for an online magazine – Smart Healthy Women Magazine.

I create WordPress websites for busy entrepreneurs and also manage those websites to keep them running optimally.

I am a certified Practicing Astrologer and have been studying Tarot, Moon Magic, symbols and Dreams for the last 25 years.

Estelle Williams
Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, Publisher, Stargazer, Web Designer
“One of my greatest joys when working with my clients is to see their inner light go on, as they suddenly discover endless possibilities to create a truly great life”.
Estelle uses a diverse range of skills to help you create rapid change in those areas of life where you can’t get traction. As a multi-passionate multi-tasker, she has the ability to pinpoint what needs to change in order to rediscover the magic that is you.
I believe life is meant to be joyful, fulfilling and rewarding too. Do you?
Do you struggle with overwhelm and time management issues?
Or how about self-esteem, anxiety, depression or phobias?
Is your relationship suffering under the stress of too many commitments in your life?
Do you wish you could get back to a time when life was simpler and you looked forward to leaping out of bed every morning to start the day?
Digital Publishing
I publish an online digital magazine – Smart Healthy Women Magazine as well as bespoke publications via Mooncat Publishing.
Real strategies for real women.
Health, fitness, love, business and work.
Rapid change for everyday issues.
Real strategies from real coaches and experts.
Promotions and online events presenting strategies that work.
Web Design and Management
I provide WordPress websites and keep them looking beautiful, without breaking your budget.
Efficient, affordable website design services without all the fuss.
A workable social media strategy is crucial in ensuring your business stays up front.
Maintenance services that keep your site running optimally while delivering a positive user experience.
Peace of mind with flexible, comprehensive and affordable hosting solutions.
Regular updates, uptime monitor, backups and security scans for ultimate peace of mind.
Magic and Synchronicity
I have studied Humanistic Astrology, Tarot, Dreams and Symbols for at least 25 years and you could say that finding inspiration from these tools is my passion.
Find your purpose in this life with a Soul Journey reading.
Find out the strengths and challenges in important relationships.
Discover what your birthday year has in store for you.
The synchronicity of the tarot can answer your most pressing questions.
Dreams, especially recurring ones, can be puzzling but also have the ability to transform your life.
My clients would like to say…
I highly recommend Estelle to anyone who would like to improve their life and work out a plan to achieve your dreams.”
Simone Sleep
“Estelle was my hero when my website was hacked. I am more than happy to recommend her to anyone. This woman is amazing!”
Vanessa Vink
“Estelle is supportive, knowledgeable & challenging. She provided me with motivation, information & inspiration.”
Nelle Flynn
“Estelle’s words changed my whole outlook on my life with my husband. We have turned our relationship around…”
Karen Cougan


Whatever the change you want to create, start here.

Estelle Williams
Life is about Flow. Life is about Joy. Rediscover your Flow and your Joy and begin Living.
© 2018 Estelle Williams.